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Study Skills….

   Passing high school is not that easy for me. In my life as a student, I love doing things in rush hours. Note-taking, reading, writing, concentrating, time management. I’ve all done that. These are just simple, yet, helpful ways to pass high school. And, as a student, I admit this really helped me to  pass high school. I ask, I participate, I write, I read, I think, I study, I studied really hard. Of course, I know that in the end, this would help me in the future.

   And, after all, I have to accept the fact that, hardships and difficulties will always be there. Some of the things that made it hard for me to focus in my studies are: Hard lessons, terror teachers, peer pressure, and also my own negative thoughts. Even though I’ve face all these difficulties, I’m proud of myself. Because, I’ve overcome this obstacle. And, this is a part of study life. Admit it, or, not. But still, I gave my 100%. In myself, I know that. I know that I gave my all. I have to have good grades. So that, I’ll be able to study in my mostly desired university.

   After graduating high school, I know that, this isn’t the end. This is the beginning. Beginning of the journey I’ve always wanted to overcome to. After passing high school, of course I have to pass college, too. By, of course doing the same study skills.

    Because, once you’ve started it, you have to finish it. That’s a rule, for me. I have to pass college.

   That’s it. It’s that important. 

                                                   ~Caguil, Mary Joyce B. ABE 1-2

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hello tumblr world. :)

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Princesses in Different Seasons

Princesses in Different Seasons

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